Event First Aid

Event First Aid Event First Aid Event First Aid
Choosing a medical provider for your event isn’t always easy, here at Scotia Medical Group we will work with you from start to finish. Using our experienced team and network of lifesavers, we can offer you trusted advice to ensure a safe and cost-effective medical plan. Scotia Medical Group prides itself on high class care, the highest level of safety and conformity with Health and Safety legislation. How do we achieve this?

Pre-event Planning
Working closely with you, we will discuss in detail the following:
Event location and the local environment
Participant numbers and the profile of your event
Previous event statistics
Statutory emergency services involvement

What we can offer
Our clinical governance team pride themselves on making sure our volunteers receive a high standard of training. Our volunteers are trained through our accredited trainers and meet fortnightly to keep skill sets fresh for any type of situation. We offer the following volunteers and equipment:

First Aiders
Communications Officers
Command Volunteers (Operational & Tactical)
Cycle Responders
Very shortly we aim to offer the use of our Doctors, Nurses & Paramedics

Medical Equipment (Inc resuscitation equipment)
Communications Equipment
Patient Handling Equipment
Patient Monitoring Equipment

Our first aid event cover in Scotland is typically priced per hour/per volunteer. A minimum of two first aiders are required as a minimum.
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