Adam Mathieson

Adam Mathieson
Board Member

I was very pleased to be asked to join Scotia Medical Group as a trustee, and hope I can bring many of my skills to the charity.

I currently volunteer with the Scout association and have done since a very young age, I'm actively involved in Jamborees all over the United Kingdom and you will normal find me involved in the medical team. My current employment see's me work full time as a Staff Nurse. I am originally from Manchester but moved up to Scotland for university and have since settled in Moray.

I have previously volunteered for the Red Cross providing event first aid and also emergency response, I have also been employed by a private medical contractor down in Manchester before I moved to Scotland.

Over the next 3-5 years my goal is to continue to develop my knowledge and leadership skills through my role as a staff nurse. This will allow me to continue to support my colleagues and also the volunteers in Scotia Medical Group. This is my first role as a Trustee which is daunting but I am very much looking forward to the challenges ahead.

One of my greatest achievements has been achieving my Advanced Life Support certificate. It has allowed me to learn fantastic skills and expanded my knowledge, and allowed me to feel more comfortable in an emergency situation. It certainly was a very difficult course but very rewarding. I am looking forward to meeting the volunteers which we will be recruiting over the coming months and to give back to our community through our skills and knowledge.